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Zhangzhou CC & TSPM Announce Donation Initiative for Daily Fund

The municipal CC&TSPM of Zhangzhou in southeast China’s coastal province of Fujian released a proposal to contribute to its daily fund, detailing the development of the ministries over the previous year.

The August 10 announcement read, “Although all churches in the city have contributed to the municipal CC&TSPM each year on the Sabbath or Sunday before September 23, the anniversary of the founding of TSPM, this year churches can a gift on a Sunday (Sabbath). ) from August 13 to September 23 due to COVID-19. They received 254,145 yuan for daily church expenses, 159 pastors and staff last year.

Ministries that have been carried out by Zhangzhou CC & TSPM since September 2021 have also been introduced as follows.

In addition to recording video sermons to nurture believers, the municipal CC&TSPM organized 365 church staff members to participate in anti-epidemic volunteer activities, motivating believers to make cash and in-kind donations of worth 72,188 yuan to help prevent epidemic control during times of church closures.

The compilation of the “Zhangzhou Christianity Gazetteer (first draft)” was completed to leave historical material to the churches in Zhangzhou.

At the Pulin Church foundation stone laying ceremony, they recommended three young believers to apply to Fujian Theological Seminary, two of whom passed the entrance examination.

A total of 180 poor families from Huimin community, Punan community and Punan church in Xiangcheng district received cooking oil and rice worth 18,000 yuan.

Translated by Abigail Wu


Zhangzhou CC & TSPM Announce Donation Initiative for Daily Fund