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AGCO Agricultural Foundation 2022 Grant Program

Deadline: 30-mar-22

The AGCO Agriculture Foundation (AAF) is accepting grant applications for the 2022 grant cycle through community investment software partner, Benevity, to provide resources to initiate and implement projects that promote climate solutions for farmers and the agricultural sector that benefit economies while strengthening the community. development.

The goal is to identify non-profit organizations with new project proposals that combine various sustainable methods to address the specific climate change challenges of farming communities today.

Climate-smart agricultural projects should aim to improve farmers’ productivity and, therefore, livelihoods; making farms more resilient to the climate impacts they currently face and those likely to hit them in the future.

Areas of intervention

The AGCO Agriculture Foundation seeks to support projects on “climate action in agriculture” that align with thematic areas:

  • Nutrition and sustainable food systems: Food security, animal welfare, climate action
  • Agricultural education and innovation: Promoting quality education, research and innovation in agriculture
  • Communautary development: Community advancement, specifically development in AGCO communities (including humanitarian relief and climate action, volunteering, and skills-based volunteering)
Funding Information

Grant proposals between US$20,000 and US$300,000 are available.

AAF does not finance the activities

The AAF does not fund activities or programs for the benefit of:

  • Individual for-profit organizations (hospitals, palliative care programs, etc.)
  • Political, religious, labor or fraternal organizations
  • Individuals and their personal fundraising efforts
  • Groups looking for studies, trips or congresses
  • Sports leagues, youth or adult sports teams, clubs, golf tournaments or similar one-time events
  • Fundraising campaigns related to sales, marketing or customer demand.
  • Schools (unless registered non-profit), school districts, individual students, alumni associations, school or parent organizations and activities.
Eligibility criteria
  • Non-profit organizations that are registered and recognized as charities under the law and that work in farming communities are eligible to apply for a grant.
  • As part of the application process, applicants must provide a certificate of nonprofit registration in order to be considered for a grant.
  • For the approval process, the AAF may request clarification and additional documentation of nonprofit status if necessary.

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