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AXA France India partners with the Manas Foundation to launch a free 24/7 mental health helpline

Positive, preventive and proactive mental health facility, accessible and free for all New Delhi, Delhi, India (NewsSee) AXA France Vie’s India division is joining forces with the New Delhi-based NGO – Manas Foundation, to launch a fully funded and completely free program free mental health helpline. AXA believes that in these unprecedented and uncertain times triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, mental illness and distress have emerged as a silent pandemic brewing under the guise of the “new normal”. The 24X7 PAN India helpline will provide mental health support and consultations from counselors and psychologists. Anyone can call ‘080 6909 6909’ at any time and enjoy the benefits of this helpline free of charge. Mr. Arun Ram Meghwal, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and Culture, congratulated AXA France Vie – India and the Manas Foundation for the launch of this helpline and said: “Following COVID-19, it there were more and more incidents of depression and suicides. In these desperate times, this noble initiative by AXA France Vie – India to raise awareness about mental illness and provide support to individuals is commendable. I commend them for their efforts in launching a free mental health helpline for the masses across India. Speaking about the vision for the launch of the helpline, Mr. Ankur Nijhawan, CEO of AXA France Vie India Reinsurance Branch, said, “Mental health is still ignored as an issue in India and we do not provide primary care to the people who are looking after them. As part of our approach to inclusive insurance and coverage of gaps in current health contracts, we are launching mental health guarantees for group customers that we want to offer to everyone in the years to come. We will also provide reinsurance capability to insurance companies to enable them to offer this coverage to the general public. At the AXA France Vie India branch, we take mental well-being seriously and have facilitated the necessary support for our employees, should they need it. As part of our social responsibility, we are proud to have collaborated with the Manas Foundation to launch our toll-free 24/7 helpline, which aims to provide the necessary support to people with struggling with mental health issues. The helpline functions not only as a crisis intervention helpline, but as a holistic mental health care system providing long-term mental health support through quick referrals to others. Human Resources staff members as needed. AXA is working towards the normalization of mental health globally and in India, namely this CSR initiative AXA India aims to raise awareness and educate the masses about mental health. Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Gordon Watson, CEO of AXA Asia & Africa, said, “We are privileged to partner with the Manas Foundation to launch this pan-India free 24/7 helpline. Through this initiative, we aim to help close the major gap in care for people with mental health issues, which is critical to ensuring holistic well-being. Our recent AXA Mind Health Study found that on average, 43% of respondents across 11 markets in Europe and Asia are either languid or struggling, indicating the absence of positive wellness or symptoms of psychosocial disorders. By expanding support for those in need, we strive to raise awareness of this invisible challenge among the general public and lift the veil of stigma. AXA has also launched several AI-based solutions globally to help their users deal with mental health issues. The company has a full-fledged health partner in the form of an AI that provides access to resources and advice on health-related issues, including mental health. This allows users to communicate freely about their situation. Likewise, the Manas Foundation has adopted a psycho-social model which aims not only to normalize the issue of mental health but also to provide an open platform for people to talk about it freely. Speaking at the launch of the helpline, Ms Monica Kumar, Psychologist and Founding Trustee of the Manas Foundation, said: “The past two years of the pandemic have inflicted an atmosphere of fear around us. And this fear is the genesis of depression. Our research shows that now more than ever, people complain of anxiety and depression. This has led to a sharp increase in cases of domestic violence and student suicides, and has created a climate of stress and exhaustion around us. Considering the situation on the ground, we are delighted to collaborate with AXA France India and launch the 24/7 toll free hotline for Pan India, alongside the increased focus on the government on improving mental health space in India. At the Manas Foundation, our goal is to create an inclusive community of individuals who are more empathetic towards the issue of mental health. The event saw the participation of several doctors, psychologists, volunteers and people who felt a real change in their lives after being associated with the Manas Foundation. Congratulating AXA India and the Manas Foundation for this initiative, BJP National Spokesperson Shazia Ilmi said, “The issue of mental health is more relevant than ever for society. We all feel vulnerable to unexpected situations in our lives and yet always try to hide what we are going through. It leads to depression and as most of the time we are unable to share the situation, it turns into suicide incidents. The initiative of a toll free helpline by AXA India is a need in today’s environment. I hope more and more people will connect with the initiative and raise awareness about mental health all over India. REP REP

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