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Foundation raises funds for treatment of accident victims – The Sun Nigeria

By Bianca Iboma-Emefu

A The non-governmental organization Jerry Help Accident Victims Initiative, JHERI HAVI Foundation, has reaffirmed its commitment to help accident victims in need of emergency care, especially at public health facilities in Lagos.

The foundation, on June 19, held a concert to celebrate this year’s Father’s Day and took the opportunity to raise money for accident victims.

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Jheri Blake, Peterson Okopi of ‘Osuba R ma re o eh’ fame and Toeyoursea of ​​Vic Da Praise and Friends took part in the concert to rescue accident victims in the state.

The initiative, part of Blake’s passion for saving motor vehicle accident victims, aims to respond quickly and help seriously injured victims.

There is no doubt that many citizens die daily on Nigeria’s pothole infested roads and sometimes due to reckless drivers. However, many deaths could be avoided if medical help came to the victims.

Ready to change the narrative, JHAVI entered into a partnership with some of his family and friends, and they paid for the victims’ medical bills, including surgeries.

Jerry Blake popularly known as Jheri is an Oyo State native and gospel artist who had an accident on June 13, 2007 which nearly cost him his life but escaped through the whiskers.

Blake shared his ordeal and how he spent 107 days in hospital. He said he suffered extensive tissue damage and underwent four surgeries at the Nigerian Navy Referral Hospital, Lagos.

“I was then a member of the corps and serving in Plateau State. I had some work to do in Lagos and went to Lagos. biker hit a trailer and my right leg was damaged from knee to ankle.

“The hospital experience was traumatic because other victims in the ward I was admitted to died and I was scared. It was in the hospital that I promised God that if he saved me, part of my earnings would go to support other victims. And I have been doing it since 2008, although the NGO was incorporated in 2017.

“I started using my talent to support accident victims without looking back. I organize a benefit concert three times a year to support accident victims.

“Initially, I was donating medical equipment to a public health facility. I started with the Nigeria Navy Referral Hospital, where I was admitted and treated. by Igbobi Orthopedic Hospital, to treat critical casualty cases. There are several cases in the hospital that need urgent help. I have used personal funds and those of my family members to achieve this lot,” Blake said.

He said the organization provides emergency medical assistance and care to indigent or vulnerable patients in public hospitals and communities and supports other health initiatives to reduce people’s distress.

He further said: “While I was in hospital my leg was not healing and I had had four surgeries. I fell into depression. Most of the time accident victims experience trauma. and need courage and care to overcome the challenge.Some may also slip into depression.In order to avoid this, family members of the victims and kind-hearted Nigerians should provide moral support to save the day.

“At the time, the hospital lacked the equipment to remove the dressings from my wound. They used razor blades to unwrap it and it was very painful.

“When I left the hospital, the first thing I did was to get this equipment and other donated medical equipment. During the donation, I met an accident victim. 10 year old and another boy at the Nigerian Navy Referral Hospital, Ojo, me and family members had to fundraise and we paid for their surgeries.

Blake added that, in order to help these victims, he decided to get creative and work with members of the public by ensuring they play a supportive role in getting accident victims to hospitals for treatment through benefit concerts.

He noted that how people react to crash victims could determine whether they will survive, suffer permanent disability or die, adding that the overall solution is to get people to support and fund victims. accidents.

“One of the most serious problems in rescuing accident victims is that many people rush them to public hospitals for treatment, but abandon the patients there. There are always constraints to compensate for the bills,” Blake said.

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