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Funding Ohio’s Preschools | News, Sports, Jobs

Buckeye State residents understand that our future depends on the proper education of our children. And, more research indicates, building that foundation begins in the preschool stage.

Still, Ohio ranks 33rd in the nation for state spending on preschoolers, according to the National Institution for Early Education Research. As part of its review of the impact of the pandemic on preschools, NIEER found that spending on such programs decreased by more than $12 million in Ohio for 2020-21.

“Ohio is not on track to serve at least 70 percent of 4-year-olds in preschools, Head Start, and special education,” the researchers said.

According to the Capital Journal, Ohio has not used any of its federal funds provided through Temporary Assistance to Needy Families for Early Childhood Education. And while more than $72 million of other federal funds were made available to preschools, Ohio used just $60 million.

Lawmakers have focused on a number of issues that have nothing to do with better service to Ohioans. Children are precious. Doing our best for them is the only way to ensure them a bright future.

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