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Love for humanity inspired me to create a foundation – Fadipe

Emmanuel Fadipe is the founder of the Emmanuel Fadipe Foundation. He says TOFARATI IGE on his passion for helping others

What are your degrees?

For my elementary education, I attended two schools – Osun State Education College Pre-Primary and Primary School, Ilesha; and Rosemary Nursery and Primary School, also in Ilesha.

I then went to Saint Anthony Catholic High School and FunTo International Academy for my high school education. I have BA degree in Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife Island, Osun State.

I also have a master’s degree in environmental protection and agricultural food production from the University of Hohenheim, Germany.

I am currently in Germany working on research focusing on Africa, Europe and North America.

What motivated you to create a non-governmental organization?

It was a childhood dream of mine to have a positive impact on my generation by helping people around me with all that God has given me.

This channel (NGO) is one of my ways to achieve this dream. It pains me to see people going through hardships without hope for a better future. I am also saddened to see talents being depleted due to the lack of opportunities to showcase their God-given gifts. Helping people gives me so much joy.

How does your NGO add more value to society?

The reality of life is that we will all leave this world one day. For every day that I live, I want to put lasting smiles on the faces of everyone around me, especially those in need. So when it is time for me to leave this world, I want to return home with the joy of having given my all during humanity. It’s not about knowing when, how and where I die; it would be about what I lived for in my lifetime and what I would be remembered for.

What was your initial capital to start the NGO and how did you find it?

I wouldn’t want to be specific on that. I used all my savings for this purpose. My parents and siblings saw what I was doing and without my asking they joined hands to help me financially and in other areas. It was the tradition we were brought up with.

What major challenges did you encounter when starting the NGO?

There were a lot of challenges. Drawing a map of our activities and aligning the goals of the association with the needs of society was truly overwhelming. Other than that, getting the goals to work in practical terms was quite difficult. But, when there is a will, there would always be a way.

How do you determine the people to be helped by your organization?

The objectives of the organization are specified. The major areas and groups of people that need a lot of attention for Africa’s growth and development are the talented, youth, widows, orphans, out-of-school children and the disadvantaged. Our reach is bigger than that, but it’s an essential part of the designed framework.

Have you ever thought about quitting smoking to do something else?

The Bible says ‘Anyone who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is not worthy of the kingdom’. If, by chance, the idea of ​​quitting crossed my mind, I would bring my motivation back to the source: God, who never fails. I constantly encourage myself.

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What future do you see for the association?

With God’s help and grace, we aim to build a world of equality, fulfillment and recovery of lost hope in an atmosphere free of hunger, discrimination, pain and other evils of society.

What kind of help have you received from your friends and family?

I decided not to tell anyone at first. As an introvert, I generally feel uncomfortable bothering people about the things I’m going through. My siblings and my parents who know this part of me took a long time to find out (what was going on) because they observed that I seemed stressed. They took the weight off their shoulders and provided the best support a mortal could offer, financially and in every other way. It immediately became “their” project, given the way they provided unquantifiable help.

Some of my friends who also noticed helped me with the logistics. Indeed, it is true that a tree cannot make a forest.

Many young people do not seem interested in volunteering for such causes. What do you have to tell them?

“Help our youth know the truth” is one of my best lines in the Nigerian national anthem. It is important for them to know that they will not always be young people, but that whatever they do to have a positive impact on society will always be there.

We (young people) must give our best to humanity without tribal, religious, financial or class feelings. We must work while it is day (youth) because the night (old age) will come when no one will be able to work anymore.

Have you received a grant or other form of external funding?

No. All I have invested in this is my own money and the support of my family. I can apply for funding in the future for projects beyond my financial capacity.

What were the highlights of your tenure as National President of Nigerian Academics in Germany?

I had a four-year administrative leadership phase (Chapter Coordinator, National Vice President, and National Two-Term President) of the group. I am very grateful for all the awards and honors I have been able to obtain with regard to the milestones achieved during my tenure.

I firmly believe that no one can receive anything without being given by the father, God.

Moreover, I appreciate my parents and my brothers and sisters who raised me in the way of the Lord and from whom I learned some of the virtues that allow me to continue in life.

Thirdly, I appreciate my predecessors, the national executives, administrative authorities and other administrative committees created in my time.

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