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McGrath Foundation Breast Care Nurses Shed Light in Difficult Times | County Leader of St George and Sutherland

Breast cancer patient Emily Quinlan with Breast Care Nurse Joylene Fletcher McGrath. Photo provided

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A diagnosis of BREAST cancer is often accompanied by shock, confusion, fear and represents an overwhelming time in a person’s life.

Affecting both women and men, at all stages of life, it is important that anyone diagnosed with breast cancer receives valuable support. While support comes from family, friends and doctors, there is one pillar of strength that has been a game-changer for many: the McGrath breast care nurses.

When Karen Kirkby was diagnosed with invasive lobular breast cancer in July 2020, she found that local McGrath breast care nurses were available in her home town of Narrabri and nearby Dubbo to turn to for treatment and emotional care.

“One visit with your nurse and you’ll realize there’s a whole new level of support,” Karen said.

“McGrath Breast Care Specialist Nurses will provide essential support to you and your family.”

“They will be your go-to for anything that worries you or your husband.

“They will help you understand your cancer, its stage and treatment options, your reactions and your apprehension.”

The mission of the McGrath Foundation is to ensure that no one goes through breast cancer without the care of a breast care nurse and to raise funds to provide it where it is most needed across Australia .

Currently, the McGrath Foundation funds 185 McGrath Breast Care Nurses, who provide free physical and emotional support to anyone with breast cancer and their families.

Their goal is 250 McGrath Breast Care Nurses by 2025 as they work on their mission to ensure no one goes without care.

In October, the McGrath Foundation is calling on Australians to go pink and raise funds as part of its new ‘Pink Is the Colour’ campaign.

“Pink Is the Colour” encourages individuals, families, workplaces and communities to embrace pink to any degree they want, from decorating the whole town to hosting a cricket match .

McGrath Foundation Ambassador and Director Tracy Bevan said, “With more than 20,000 people diagnosed with breast cancer this year, the help of our McGrath Breast Care Nurses is needed more than ever.

“The great thing about ‘Pink Is the Colour’ is that there is no set method for fundraising; it’s entirely up to you!

“Whoever wants to get involved, and however they want to go pink, will have the support of our fundraising team at the McGrath Foundation to help make it as pink as possible,” Tracy said.

There are plenty of ways people can raise money this year, including entire towns turning pink in teas, fun races, head shaves and tug of war.

Going Pink will help the McGrath Foundation reach its goal of funding 250 McGrath breast care nurses by 2025.

How far will you go in pink? Register now:

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