Foundation system

NHBC Approves Precast Foundation System

Roger Bullivant RFeam Precast Concrete Foundation System

RBeam has been added to the NHBC Accepts register of products that must not prevent any barriers for homes to obtain insurance.

NHBC Accepts was launched in 2020 in response to the growth of prefabrication and system construction in housing (called “modern” construction methods by some), to allay insurance industry concerns about construction quality and unproven design lifetimes.

As part of the service, NHBC (the National House Building Council, as it used to be) reviews the design, manufacture and construction of the components and, if satisfied, grants it NHBC Accepts accreditation.

The RBeam is a factory produced precast reinforced concrete foundation system for low rise developments. A concrete frame is installed on stilts.

Richard Taylor, Bullivant Foundation Systems Manager, said: “This approval brings customer confidence and improved on-site productivity. We also recognize that this is a significant achievement in advancing offsite manufacturing in the residential market. »

Roger Bullivant has been part of the Vinci group since its acquisition by Soletanche Freyssinet in 2011.

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