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Straight Outta Hazelwood: Bill Muldoon “Hazelwood is my foundation. | The homepage, published by Hazelwood Initiative

Straight Outta Hazelwood is a series of profiles written by lifelong Hazelwood resident and founder of the Garden of Different Abilities, Andrea Coleman.

Bill Muldoon vacationing in Iceland in 2017.Photo by Beth Muldoon

By Andrea Coleman and Bill Muldoon

Andrea Coleman

After living and growing up in Hazelwood, and now in my later years, I found myself saying, “I didn’t go around the world, but I went around the block.”

Then I met Bill Muldoon, who came “straight from Hazelwood”. Bill shared so much with me that I followed his journey around the world with his gifts of art and journalism. Here are some of Bill’s words to share with all of you in the Greater Hazelwood community.

William G. “Bill” Muldoon

Parents: William J. and Evelyn McGrogan Muldoon

Hazelwood is my foundation. Everything I’ve achieved in life has been built on my Hazelwood foundation. Born at Pittsburgh’s Mercy Hospital in 1953, I was brought home to the house my great-grandfather built in the 1890s. It was home until 1976, when my parents moved to Maine .

My schooling began in 1958 at Sally Meanor’s Kindergarten at Burgwin School. Then it was at St. Stephen’s School, where I graduated from Grade 8 in 1967. I attended Central Catholic High School and graduated in 1971. I graduated I graduated from Duquesne University in 1975 with a BA in Journalism.

The road from Hazelwood to Maine was a long one. Dad first visited Maine as a teenager, brought by an uncle who loved road trips. After mom and dad got married in 1946, mom’s sister moved to Maine with her husband who worked for the Veterans Administration. Each childhood summer saw us travel from Hazelwood to Maine. In 1976, mom and dad moved to Maine to be closer to her sister who was also caring for their mother.

I met my wife, Beth, on a blind date in 1982 and we got married in 1984. We have a daughter, Katie, who lives nearby here in Maine. We moved to the coastal town of Harpswell in 2010

After some post-graduate studies in public radio, most of my career took place in investment research. At one point I led a global team covering companies in the industrial sector.

Now retired for nearly 10 years, I serve as Chairman of the Board of Midcoast Humane, the animal welfare organization serving 39 communities in the Midcoast region of Maine.

I am also an active road cyclist and have done the annual Trek through Maine 20 times. I served as a board member for the Bicycle Coalition of Maine, a statewide organization that advocates for the safety of cyclists and pedestrians. BUT here’s my one big cycling challenge still unsatisfied: Flower Avenue, Kilbourne Street, Tesla Street Hill. It’s like a 20% mark. This is the last hill in Pittsburgh’s annual Dirty Dozen race on the steepest hills in Pittsburgh. It’s at the top of my list for this summer!

I am also a photographer. In 2016 I returned to Hazelwood to photograph people who have lived their entire lives in the community. An exhibit in the fall of that year at the Hazelwood Carnegie Library was titled “Some Who Left Behind” acknowledging that while many have moved on and some are now returning, there are many people who have lived their entire lives in Hazelwood.

I have a close relationship with Hazelwood, returning every year to keep the connection alive. Even though I lived many years in Maine, Hazelwood will always be my solid base for which I am eternally grateful.

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