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YCF is now accepting grant applications

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — The Your Community Foundation for North Central West Virginia Incorporation (YCF) is now excluding grant applications from nonprofit organizations for these grant programs: Taylor County Charitable Interest Fund, Women’s Giving Circle of North Central West Virginia, and the Stephen D. Tanner Children’s Interest Fund.

Nonprofit organizations are eligible to apply for grants each year, in which the grant programs will always be different. This year, these grant programs can potentially provide funds for:

  • Taylor County Charitable Interest Fund – Grants awarded to public institutions or schools operating in Taylor County. Rewards of up to $500 to $1,000 will be given.
  • Women’s Giving Circle of North Central West Virginia – Provides grants for women’s or girls’ needs, where awards of up to $3,000 will be made.
  • Stephen D. Tanner Children’s Interest Fund – Provides grants to disadvantaged children in Monongalia County. Opportunity is open to Title I elementary schools such as (Brookhaven, Mason Dixon, Mountainview, Mylan Park, North, and Skyview) up to $2,500

Laurie Abildso, Vice President of YCF, explained why these grants could benefit others saying, “We help donors who want to give back. We help them connect with nonprofits in need. And so, you know, it allows everyone who is interested in making our community a better place. So, you know, we know there are people in need and there are organizations that are helping, and we have funds available to connect them.

Last year, the YCF awarded more than $130,000 to 27 different nonprofits in the region, just from these grants that can be applied for.

Your community foundation also offers a Monongalia County Adult Workforce Retraining Scholarship that can be applied for. There are also grants for emergency impact, community, and organizational arts that can be found on their website.

A million dollar matching campaign is also underway in which an anonymous donor believes in YCF’s mission and that everyone has the power to create positive change in the community. For every donation to the YCF Addictions Prevention Initiative and the YCF IMPACT Fund, will be matched dollar for dollar, through December 31, 2022.

All applications must be submitted by September 19, except for the Stephen D. Tanner Children’s Interest Fund, which is due October 7. These grants will be awarded in mid-November. For more information, click here.